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Barristers Clerking & Solicitors Service

London City


Aaramis was established in 2010 as a forward-thinking organisation providing support services to barristers and solicitors. With over 25 years' experience our long term vision is to keep offering traditional clerking to our clients but in a modern way. By doing so we stay competitive and keep our business costs low without sacrificing quality.


Our unique service has assisted both barristers and solicitors for a long time in two completely different ways. We break down the normal day to day clerking job into a number of affordable solutions allowing the barrister to pick and choose the exact help that they require. Solicitors use our service to instruct high-quality barristers. There is no referral fee.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution
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We are a professional, efficient and confidential team. We consider ourselves superior to our competitors. We have established long-term relationships with barristers and solicitors who have been with us since the beginning. This is a clear demonstration of our quality and stability in today's rapidly changing legal world. 


"Lee is conspicuous for his integrity. Lee has a reasonable, business-like approach to work. He knows his job well. He is a "safe pair of hands". It has been a pleasure to work with Lee, over the last twenty years or so."

- Matthew -

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