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Last updated: May 2018

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

At Aaramis we are aware of the recent law changes to GDPR and it will have an impact on how we will handle data.

Information we hold

We hold client information for "Processing" like full names, addresses, date of births, bank accounts and information on education and training.

We can also hold information we have received from our clients who are "controllers" of their data. This is to assist them with their clients. This information may contain full names, addresses, date of births and sensitive legal information.

How the data is stored and protected

This data is stored on a server by an encrypted password and only the data protection officer Lee Parkes can access it.

All data above is accessed by devices under 'Aaramis Busines Solutions' and protected by encrypted passwords. These passwords are changed every 72 days.


We take your privacy seriously. We shall process your personal information only to administer your account and to provide the services you request. We shall not share your data with anyone else. The data we hold is private and confidential.

Your rights

We at Aaramis understand that you might want to know what information we hold on file and you can obtain a copy of your personal information in our possession by sending an email to

We will supply you the information in PDF form for you to review. Your data may be removed at your request of after 7 years (subject to the extent otherwise permitted by you or to the extent prevented by overriding UK legislative compliance).

Your request for information will be supplied to you within 5 working days of us acknowledging your request.


When instructing 'Aaramis Business Solutions' you consent to us 'Processing' your data to offer you services. From time to time we would like to contact you with details of our other services and offers. We will supply you with a consent form for this purpose before any work has been commenced.

Data breaches

If there is a data breach we have procedures in place. Our clients on our database will be contacted about the data breach and informed of our procedure.

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