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What We Do

Learn more about Aaramis and why clients choose us

Why use us? Aaramis's service is free for solicitors to use and there is no referral fee.

We clerk specialist barristers. The barristers are able to assist you with even the most complex of cases. We have barristers each of whom specialises in one or two of the following areas:​

​We want you to appreciate that Aaramis intends to maintain its growing reputation for offering you high-quality barristers.

If you do instruct a barrister whom we recommend, fee notes will come from them addressed to the instructing solicitor and you will be bound by the 'Terms of Business' of the chambers from which they work. Copies can be supplied on request. We conduct the normal clerking service between you and the barrister. This is why there is no referral fee.

Our barristers are experienced within their specialist area(s). Their fees are very competitive. Hourly rates range from £225 to £350ph plus VAT depending on the year of call of the barrister and the area of law.

If you would like fixed fees for repeat business then we would be happy to discuss this. Please contact us at to discuss this further or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Aaramis clerking solutions in London
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