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Clerking Solutions

Clerking solutions in London for Barristers and Solicitors

We have made it easy for a barrister to pick the best clerking solution for them. The day to day clerking job has been divided up into the nine solutions shown below. We understand that every barrister has different needs and we believe that by selecting from our range of clerking solutions they may create for themselves a package of services which ideally match their particular requirements.

If you have any questions about our clerking solutions in London, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Aaramis clerking solutions in London

Diary Reminder Service

  • Maintain and update a calendar of appointments and other date-sensitive information from information you provide and other information coming to our attention in provision of the services.

  • Provide weekly reminders by email of your schedule for the next four weeks, and more regular updates, where necessary, to reflect schedule changes.

Drafting Letters

  • Liaise with the court office and your client/customer as to your availability to attend court and dates to avoid.

  • Provide by email confirmation to all parties involved that you are available to attend on the agreed date.


  • Generate invoices from information provided by you.

  • Email to you a PDF copy of the invoice.

  • Where you have provided us with your client/customer's email address, also email a PDF copy of the invoice to them.


  • Brainstorming of new ideas and marketing suggestions.

  • Ad campaigns.

  • Website development.

  • Maintenance of your marketing database.

  • Design of marketing materials (leaflets, flyers etc.).

Out of Hours

(18.00 to 22.00) answering calls and forwarding messages via email

  • Between the hours of 6pm and 10pm, Monday to Friday, take calls that you have redirected to our service number and forward details of the call to you by email.

  • Send you an SMS message to notify you when emails have been sent.

Debt Chasing

  • Pursue by telephone and email outstanding debts that you have passed on to us.

  • If unsuccessful in collecting the debt, and upon your agreement, pass the matter on to a debt collector.

  • If required by you, liaise with you and the debt collector on a regular basis as to progress and discuss what further action should be taken.

Arrange Meetings

  • When requested by you, liaise by telephone with you and your client/customer to arrange a mutually acceptable meeting time.

  • Inform you and your client/customer both by email of the meeting time and location.

Reception Service

  • During normal office hours (09.00 to 18.00) team members will be taking messages and relaying the information onto you via telephone, email & text.

Negotiating Fees

  • In respect of instructions you pass on to us, negotiate with your client/customer on your behalf your availability to carry out the work and a satisfactory fee arrangement.

  • Liaise with you to confirm your agreement to the terms provisionally agreed with your client/customer and, if you are in agreement, notify your client/customer by email (copied to you) of your acceptance of the instructions and the terms under which they are accepted.

Please see our terms of business.

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