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From barristers and solicitors in London

Our reputation is important to us and we have a strong client base that supports this claim. For confidentiality reasons we don't supply all of our references on our website, but our existing clients are happy to speak with anyone interested in working with Aaramis to verify the quality of our service.

More of our barristers and solicitors references are available on request.


"Lee is conspicuous for his integrity. Lee has a reasonable, business-like approach to work. He knows his job well. He is a "safe pair of hands". It has been a pleasure to work with Lee, over the last twenty years or so."

- Matthew -


"Lee runs my diary, communicates with my clients on conferences and hearings, deals with deadlines for paperwork and reminds me of incomplete or unbilled work, does all my billing and fee collection, provides monthly accounts of receipts and unpaid billed work and generally leaves me free to do the work of a barrister”

- Daniel -


"We have had an exceptional business relationship with Aaramis over the last 10 years or so. The primary reason is that Lee Parkes the Director has been both flexible and accessible to our needs. This was even more highlighted over the last 18 months during covid. Aaramis ensured that there was a seamless service with no disruption to us and our clients. Aaramis assisted with the preparation and submission of bundles to court as well as liaising with the court staff. On one particular occasion, Aaramis even paid the court fee for us so the deadline would not be missed.”

- Lak -


"Lee has been doing my clerking for more than a decade.  Always very supportive, quick and efficient with paperwork, and courteous with clients."

- Christy -

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